nookiepowered: (security (sitting))
Bo Jones. Or maybe Dennis. ([personal profile] nookiepowered) wrote2013-06-20 03:02 pm

Fandom High Security Office: Thursday, June 20

Bo leaned back in her chair, boots propped on the desk, oddly wistful that her office was devoid of rubber ducks, balloons, body-part-shaped-pastries and provocatively-dressed beanie-babies this week.

Which is to say, devoid of any new rubber ducks, balloons, body-part-shaped-pastries or provocatively-dressed beanie-babies; she wasn't counting the ones that had already been there. They were too familiar to provide much distraction from the round of circular thinking she'd been caught in for the past few days.

Sometime in the future I'll know about my past. Might. Sometime in the future I might know about my past. I've got family somewhere. If I can find them...

If she could find them, she could find out why she'd lost them. Then again, maybe why they didn't want her was something she didn't want to know.

In conclusion, where was an office full of crossdressing inflatable glow in the dark Wookiee dolls when you needed them?


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