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The Dal Riata Waystation and Pub, Mumblemumble, Canada

For all that the outside of Trick's beloved Dal Riata looked like just another entrance down Bad Decision Alley, the inside was warm and comforting, with wood that polished until it glowed and comfortable stools and chairs that had been worn down by years of patrons.

It was the perfect place to relax and unwind, whether with a beer after a long, hard day. Light Fae and Dark could mingle and rub elbows without exchanging more than dirty looks or fanged glares. The Dal was a Waystation: a neutral, Fae-only pub, where they were free from the need to mask their true nature.

It was still a little bit before the dinner rush, which meant the bar itself was more empty than not. Which, considering the group about to enter the Dal, was probably for the best.

"You're sure this is the right address?" Bo was asking Kenzi for not the first time tonight. Because Bad Decision Alley, yes, but also because boy, had this trip been a long time in coming. She'd put it off for one reason or another -- some of them legitimate, like oops, possibly still wanted for murder here? -- and some of them more difficult to suss out. Fear that she wouldn't find what she was looking for. Fear that she would. So. Stalling even now.

Once the door was opened, though... "Whoa."

"Yup yup wow." Kenzi stopped and tried not to stare, although all that side-eyeing was probably just as suspicious. "Bo, I think we've found your people. And most of them are hot."

"This is familiar," Mitchell muttered. No offense to either of you, Kenzi and Bo, but... "A bit classier than some of the vampire dens I've seen. No dust."

"No zombies, either," Toby added. Although there was that guy in the corner who was thinking about what he'd had for lunch, and... okay, gross.

Fitzpatrick "My Eyes Are Down Here" Maccorieghan, But You Can Call Him Trick
"Bo," Trick welcomed with a smile. "And Kenzi and Toby, too." He seemed delighted to see them, which was only fair since he was. Granted, they were going to cause more than a few difficulties just by being here, but it was good to see them all anyway. Even the guy he didn't know, who got a nod of acknowledgment.

"Welcome to the Dal Riata. I guess it's been a little longer for me than it was for you. And...I'm guessing you have some questions."

Like why the beleaguered Portalocity rep was slinging drinks at a Fae bar, for example.

More like why a guy who ran a place like this had schlepped all the way out to Fandom to work for the least-loved company in the multi-verse. "When you said you ran a Way-station, I was picturing more Highway 69 Rest Stop, less King of the Bracelets."

Complete with pointy ears on that couple at the bar.

He'd owed a debt! That was a big deal in the Fae community.

"Isn't she beautiful?" Trick asked, not bothering to hide his pride. Why should he? The Dal was something to be proud of. "Welcome to the Dal Riata. How about a round of drinks?"

She'd find the alcohol was much better than at a Highway 69 Rest Stop, too.

"You are my favorite ex-teacher!" Kenzi announce cheerfully. "Barkeep! I wish a glass of.." Uh, what'd she actually want a glass of? "Finest wine, gracias!"

Bo opened her mouth to hell-no at her, then shut it because oh, right. Not the Devil's Nest, not the school, and as long as Kenzi wasn't actually getting shit-faced, did she really give a crap that the girl was a year shy of legal even here? No.

She'd stick to giving a crap about not getting shit-faced herself -- even if the only humans around her were the ones she'd brought in.

"A Coke would be great, thanks." Speaking of humans (and other) that she'd brought in... "Kenzi needs no introduction -- anywhere -- but Trick, Mitchell, Mitchell, Trick." Bo nodded at Toby. "And Toby, you already know."

Toby gave Trick a nod and a smile, glad for something to focus on that wasn't the dietary habits of certain Fae. "Hello again," he said. "Coke'll do for me, too, please."

Mitchell stuck his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket. "I'll have a beer," he said.

Like he was going into this without a drink.

Trick got everyone their drinks (with the exception of Kenzi, she got a soda). "Good to see you all again," he said as he handed them their drinks. "And a pleasure to meet you," he added, handing Mitchell the beer.

It was good. It was Canadian. He figured that anyone with Mitchell's accent would approve of its non-Americanness. Even the Fae had opinions about that.

"So," he said, turning back to Bo. "To what do I owe the pleasure? I trust this isn't a field trip."

"As far as the school is concerned?" Cough. "We're definitely hoping for some education, anyway. You remember what Fandom's like, right?" She didn't really feel she needed to wait for an answer on that because nobody who'd been there ever forgot it, barring the end of the universe.

"Something happened a while back; the past went screwy and I turned into one of the bad guys." She nodded at Kenzi. "But she found a way to stop me."

Trick eyed Kenzi. "That sounds almost ominous," he said. "Do I want to know how?"

Kenzi gave him a cherubic look of innocence. "You can find anything on eBay!... especially if an alternate version of your ex-teacher tells you what to look for."

This was Trick's 'I believe and trust in you, Kenzi' face.

"All right, I'll bite," he said. A curious Fae on the other end of the bar looked over, interested, and Trick shooed him away. "The humans aren't snacks," he announced to crowd that was still watching the motley group with curiosity and/or annoyance. "They've been claimed."

"Bo, could you wave to the nice people and let them know the humans are yours and then explain what it is you discovered on eBay of all places?"

Yes, Trick knew about eBay. He was Fae but he didn't live under a rock.

Right. Snacks. Bo, don't make that joke about Mitchell, even in your head.

...Sorry, Toby. SORRY.

"The humans are...uh. Mine?" Bo repeated, waving at anybody who looked like they might feel peckish. Like, for instance, that tall ginger guy over there in the corner, with the way too piercing eyes. "No snacky."

To Trick, she said, "Well, I was busy being evil and wearing pink, which is probably redundant, but I gather it's called a...Koushang? Which apparently you can find on EBay in Crazyverse, but not so much here."

Kenzi glared around at the assorted oglers, with an I have a tazer. No, really look, then returned to the conversation.

"Koushang," she agreed. "You said it would keep Bo's life-sucky powers in check. And boy, did it." That was a somewhat grim memory, but then Kenzi perked up. "So, you know, how much do we bid? Who do we have to kiss up to?... although we're leaving the literal kissing to Bo, 'cause she likes that part."

"That's going to take a lot more kissing than you expect," Trick said, turning serious. "I don't know how that other world had a Koushang just lying around, but here it's locked up pretty tightly. It belongs to the Ash, the leader of the Light Fae. And I really don't think he's going to open the door to his warehouse to an undeclared Fae and her entourage."

He picked up a glass and started wiping it down, going over some of the warehouse's defenses in his mind. Shaking his head, he added, "Kissing your way through isn't going to be all that helpful. Sorry, Bo."

"I don't know what I'm supposed to declare or where I'm supposed to declare it, but people do tend to open doors for me when kissing's involved."

Kenzi gave Toby a look. And a thought, which was slightly more subtle. Sooooo, do you know how to get in yet?

Thank you, Kenzi, and your ability to ask leading questions. Toby slurped the last of his Coke loudly, and then smiled at Trick. "Thanks for the drink," he said with a nod, eyes flicking briefly over to Kenzi at the tail end of said nod. Sometimes he really wished his telepathy was two-way.

Kenzi beamed and nodded to Bo, looking confident. Although how she was going to explain this, um, hadn't occurred to her yet. "Trickster, say no more. We had to ask, though." She raised her drink. "Ваше здоровье!"

Bo's succubus powers didn't include mindreading this week, but she had a pretty good line on Kenzireading, especially the Up To Something face.

...The More Up To Something Than Usual face.

"Guess we can always try Craigslist."

Hell if Bo could read what Kenzi was up to, but she'd play along until Kenzi could answer her raised eyebrow with more than a way too innocent grin.

"What she said." Bo lifted her Coke. "Only in English and probably less obscene."

Trick slashed a look at Bo and then another one at Kenzi. They'd given up far too easily for him to think that they'd actually given up. "I'm serious," he warned. "You're already something of an anomaly and the Fae aren't as tolerant of those as you might think."

So whatever you were planning, be careful.

Team Totally Knows What They're Doing RLY
Gosh, Trick, it's almost like you've...met them.


Trick handed Hale a mug of tea with a friendly, almost fond nod, before turning back to shoo away a waitress who was far more interested in making eyes at the siren than getting the Dal ready for the dinner crowd. Behind him, he could hear Hale murmuring how good his tea was. No surprise there. Trick brewed a damn good cuppa. It had nothing to do with Fae powers, and everything to do with patience and care and a deep understanding of the beverage. He'd had plenty of time to cultivate all three of those traits in the many centuries he'd been alive. Patience, care, and understanding were invaluable when one was an agent for a vastly unreliable company. Or a teacher. Or a king.

He'd been all of those things once. Sometimes simultaneously.

They also stood him in good stead now that he was a barkeep. Even more, now that all of his politicking was of the backdoor variety: subtle, quiet, and virtually unknown to everyone but himself and a few trusted associates.

He nodded at Dyson's entrance--speak of the wolf and he'll come howling at your door--but didn't react much beyond that, even as his mind began weaving various scenarios, ones that would further his own ends while keeping his involvement to a minimum. He'd known this day would come; had since he'd stepped foot on that crazy island and spoke to a Fae ignorant of everything beyond her own basic nature.

Ignorant of how much she meant to him. Ignorant of the heritage that was hers by birthright, of the parts of her that were his beloved Aife and Isabeau, both lost to him now.

As much as he wished he still had the freedom to act that he'd had millennia ago, he held himself still and steady, projecting the image of kindly bartender and friendly ear. Too much was at risk for him to behave rashly.

So he let Dyson chase Hale away and then asked, "You see her, right?" He didn't even nod in Bo's direction. He didn't have to, not with Kenzi's video a viral hit on the internet.

Humans and their toys.

Dyson's eyes darted that way. "Yeah," he said. "Yeah, I do."

Hard not to.

"Not with her bringing humans around, no." Trick shook his head, watching some of the faces of his patrons as they realized just who had entered the Dal. First, a hint of disgust that anyone would let humans in, followed by confusion, desire, and sometimes outright awe when they caught sight of Bo. "So, she leaves her kill out where anyone can stumble over it and then brings humans into a Waystation. Brazen, you think?"

Trick knew there was more to it than that--though he was also fairly certain that Bo wouldn't give a damn about the rules even if she did know them--but he wanted to see what Dyson would say.

Dyson studied the glass in his hands. "She doesn't care too much about flying under the radar," he said. He set the glass down. "But I don't think she really knows what she's doing. Or how it's going to go down."

"It's beginning then," Trick said, nodding once in satisfaction. Dyson was more correct than he knew.

[Preplayed with the splendiferous [ profile] regretiz4suckas, [ profile] godgavemecable, [ profile] chose_humanity and [ profile] glacial_witch. NFB since off-island, but OOC=A-OK! Dyson and Trick's conversation folded, spindled, and mutilated from Lost Girl 1x01, It's A Fae Fae Fae Fae World.]

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