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The Glass Factory And Points West, Mumblemumble, Canada

The Factory Floor

It had been a long time since Trick had lurked. If it wasn't for Bo's life being quite literally on the line, he might have enjoyed it more. Skulking in the shadows was an interesting way to spend some time; no wonder the Dark Fae seemed to enjoy it so often.

Of course, they tended to lurk simply for the sake of creepiness. Trick was lurking for a reason. And, unless they'd changed more in the time that Trick had been off the island than he expected, that reason should be showing up any second now...

Kenzi's sneaking with Toby was very, very sneaky. Yes. But it was also kinda obviously sneaky, what with neither of them being invited to this party.

So bumping into Trick got him a breathy squeak, and Toby a clutching-at-you-with-heart-attack.

"Going somewhere?" Trick asked, amused.

Toby had been reaching for Kenzi, to give her wrist a warning squeeze when- the reason for said warning made that no longer neccessary.

"Could ask the same of you," Toby pointed out.

Kenzi was grabbing at Toby, and glaring at Trick. "Uncool!" she hissed. "And we were just..." Oh, seriously. Like there was any way to explain this that wasn't a lie. "Crashing the party, yes, fine, are you going to rat us out?"

"Going somewhere?" Trick asked, amused.

"I'm Fae," Trick reminded Toby with a small smile. "Light Court. I have permission to be in here."

And had wanted to make sure that Dyson followed orders and gave Bo an assist.

"If I promise not to rat you out, will you promise not to steal drinks from the bar when I'm busy elsewhere?"

"Define 'elsewhere'?" Down the bar? Outta the bar? But this really wasn't much of a negotiation point, was it. "I solemnly swear I am up to no good... but I'll leave you out of it, if you just don't call the popo on us this once."

Trick smiled and stepped back into the shadows. "Go on, then," he told them both. "Bo might appreciate having a cheering section."

Especially one that paid as little attention to the rules as Kenzi did. But Trick wasn't going to say that out loud. He was playing it by the book, but that didn't mean anyone else had to.

Thunderdome And Elsewhere

One guy from a governator movie down, one...what, to go? Eyes darting around the the crowd for whatever they were throwing at her next, Bo wasn't expecting the sudden surge of dizziness, as if all the adrenaline in her body whooshed right up into her head.

She closed her eyes for just a second. Just a second. When she opened them...

Thunderdome? Gone. In its place was a misty woodland, with trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket weavers who twiddle their thumbs and toes and they're coming to take me away, haha.

"What the flying, fire-breathing jalapeno hell?"

The Pain Eater
If Bo would just turn around, she'd find another tableau possibly designed to make her question her sanity. Behind her was a scene that could be taken out of any friendly living room: two comfortable-looking wingback chairs, a wooden end table with some delicate scrollwork design sporting a lamp, and a low wooden coffee table with tea on to boil. In the first of those chairs was an older gentleman in a green robe, eyes sparkling and smile bright.

The whole thing should have looked ridiculous and out of place in the middle of a green forest, but it didn't. Instead, it just looked--and felt--homey. As if a room had been transported there simply to offer people a chance to rest and have a nice spot of tea.

"Hello!" the man called out, hoping to offer Bo just that. "Would you like some tea?" He gestured to the chair next to him.

Didn't it look comfortable, Bo? And after that last fight, wouldn't it be nice to rest and relax a bit before your next trial?

Okay, she couldn't repeat jalapeno hell to someone who looked like a monk, but she could say, "What just happened here? Where is this?"

The Pain Eater
"I thought we could use some privacy," he said, giving Bo a warm and welcoming smile. He gestured to the chair again. "Please, sit down."

The steam from the kettle wafted towards Bo; the tea inside smelled delicious and almost...comforting?

"We don't have much time," he said reaching forward to clasp her hands with his. "I want to help you."

Bo sat, as much out of confusion as anything else. "How? I'm supposed to be fighting somebody, not stopping for hot buttered scones."

The Pain Eater
"I'm a pain-eater," he explained earnestly. Wasn't that a helpful answer, Bo? "Let me take yours. I can end your suffering." He smiled up at her, pleased and proud of his ability. "If you'll trust me."

You had so much pain, Bo. Let him ease it. Let him help.

"What suffering? I might've wrenched my back a little on that last guy, but a couple of Tylenol--" Or a nice long night with Mitchell, but Bo was just gonna not say that to the sweet old man with the tea. "--should take care of that."

The Pain Eater
He clucked his tongue at her and shook his head, almost disappointed. "I mean the suffering of your heart," he said, reaching for her hand again. "I want to show you something."

Behind their chairs, metal autopsy tables began to appear. Each table was bearing a body bag and each body bag was full. First there was one, then another and another and another until the area behind them was full of silent, plastic-covered bodies.

"Those are your dead," he told her gently, voice still warm.

It was like looking at that girl in the flannel shirt stumbling out of Kyle's car in the dark, except worse, because in the dungeon room, she and Dinah could turn and walk away, not stare at the empty shell left behind.

Here, it was just shells, as far as the eye could see.

"I don't want to see this. I don't need to see this. You think I can't put a face to every one of those bodies? If this is your idea of ending pain, whoever named your species has a sick sense of humor."

The Pain Eater
In the Thunderdome, black claws twitched against Bo's temples...

"You might be able to name them, but have you ever really confronted them?" the pain-eater asked. "Or have you turned away each time? Tried to bury them in your mind, tried to run from what was true."

He shook his head, eyes dark with compassion. "That's all you've been doing for ten long years. Killing and running." He shook his head. "Killing and running. Aren't you tired, yet? Aren't you weary?"

Of death and the constant reminders of it? Of course she was. "Yes, but..."

There was supposed to be a but. There should have been. But she was tired, physically as well as mentally, and it was hard to muster up the clarity of mind to explain how things were different now.

The Pain Eater
His next question was as simple as it was cutting.

"How many more must die so that you can live?"

Bo frowned at him, trying to burn through the confusion in her head with the power of her stare alone, but it wasn't quite working. "No. I mean none. I don't kill anymore."

Well, not people. The occasional Auditor, or things attacking the school, or... Jack in a parallel universe... Right, thanks, brain. BAD EXAMPLE.

"I only feed from people who won't get hurt now. And they said I could learn to control it..."

The Pain Eater
"And you really believe that?" he asked, letting a touch of disappointment show for the first time. He wasn't trying to be cruel, Bo! He was trying to help! But you had to admit a few hard truths before he could.

"You're an abomination, child." His voice was as tender as his eyes as he looked at her. "You know it in your heart. Isn't it time you did the right thing?"

He wasn't saying anything she hadn't heard before -- hadn't thought before, a hundred times -- though she'd never heard it said so...kindly.

That she both believed it and somewhere under thirty years of bullshit and pain, knew it was wrong... didn't help at all. It just made it harder for Bo to focus.

"I've been trying to figure out what that is all my life."

The Pain Eater
"I can help you, if you're willing," he said, spooning the tea into a small cup and then holding it out to her. "You have the strength to do the right thing. I know you do. And I'm here to help. Here to make all your pain go away."

Drink the tea, Bo. Don't you realize it's the only way?

Bo looked down at the cup, reaching for it but not actually taking it into her hands yet. "What is it?"

Not tea, not really. Her thoughts were still just barely clear enough to know she wasn't really here, so it couldn't be really tea.

The Pain Eater
Also, for tea, it was a little on the viscous side.

"It's your way out," he said, pushing the tea a little more insistently at her. "You'll fall asleep and never wake up. It will be quick and beautiful."

Take the cup, Bo. Take the damn cup!

"A gesture of love."

"I don't--" Bo shook her head once, but she was tired. Really tired, as if her will, her very ability to know who she was, was being drained out of her just like she'd drained all of the bodies in those still, dark bags. "I don't know..."

The Pain Eater
"No one will even miss you," he said, now shoving the cup into her hands. "No one will mourn you."

So close to his goal, the facade of kindly old gentleman was fading. He was practically shaking, his voice rising and eyes bulging a bit.

"Nobody needs you!" he snarled.

"Bo! Bo! Wake up!"

Kenzi was yelling from the sidelines, frantic and pissed. How was this a fair test?! Who the hell were these people to test Bo anyway!? "BO!"


Mitchell could add some volume to that outcry. "You need to focus on reality, all right? You need to stop-- sleeping, or whatever it is you're doing right now and come back to us--"

Sadly, the rambling meant his volume was coming down, not up.

Bo heard...well, maybe not the words, but as she held her hand out for the cup, she could hear something telling her no. "This isn't right."

Toby wasn't yelling, in fact he was flinching visibly at the force from the telepathic hit off Bo.

"Those are your dead,"

"You're an abomination, child."

"You'll fall asleep and never wake up. It will be quick and beautiful."

"No!" Toby shouted. "Don't drink it, Bo! It won't solve anything."

Kenzi shot Toby a terrified look and screamed. Then yelled. "BO! IT'S NOT REAL! COME BACK DAMNIT THIS IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!"

She looked around at the Fae and yelled at them, "Let her go, you assholes! Stoppit! She doesn't want to be part of your stupid club anyway!"

The Pain Eater
The long, black talons flexed against Bo's temples...

Inside the woodland glade, his mask of compassion slid off. "Drink!" he commanded, shoving the cup at Bo. If he could force it into her mouth, he would have. "Drink! DRINK!"

If nobody would miss her, then why were there voices telling Bo to fight back? Voices Bo knew, attached to faces who weren't in these woods and weren't in those horrible, hateful black body bags either. Kenzi and Toby were supposed to be gone, someplace safe. But they'd come to find her, voices echoing across the rusty, torchlit factory... where she really was.

Bo slapped the cup away from her and reached, but not for the old man. She reached for the outside world, for the friends who not only wanted her back, they might not make it out of here without her. She reached for her life back, the life she'd made for herself.

Also for the claws because holy gremlin balls, those hurt like a mother.

Her eyes opened blue and shining, the same gentle power she'd used on Lauren now a violent crackling surge against the Underfae's skin. "Get the fuck out of my HEAD!"

The Morrigan
The Morrigan gestured to the guards, expression turning furious. They moved to grab Kenzi and the others, to another outraged shriek from Kenzi.

"HELLLP!" Because damnit, Trick, this was not cool, and hey, anybody, this had to be cheating, and hey, Bo? HELP!

The Pain Eater
The pain-eater screamed in pain of his own as his fingers burst into flame. He flinched backwards, shocked at the strength of her power.

And fled.

The knives had clattered to the concrete long ago, while Bo's body stood limp in the Pain Eater's claws, but now it was a matter of heartbeats to scoop one up and launch it toward Kenzi's screams -- or rather, into the arm of the Tiny-wannabe who was roughing her up.

"They're mine." The other knife was in her hand and pointing out Kenzi, then Toby, then Mitchell -- who could defend himself, sure, but against these things and what they could bring to bear? Who knew, and he shouldn't have to anyway. "You keep your hands off my friends."

The Ash
Above her, the Ash raised a hand; under his sharp glance, the goon squad backed away from Bo's companions.

"This one has passed the test." He inclined his head toward Bo. "It has been witnessed; child, you may name your side: Dark--" He nodded to the Morrigan. "--Or Light." Himself.

The visual contrast between them was striking -- and a little ironic given their colouring -- but from below where Bo stood in the middle of a deathtrap they'd both thrown her into, they might as well have been twins. Choose a side? She knew only enough about either faction to be sure that she owed them absolutely jack and didn't relish the thought of that changing. Knowledge and help and a connection to her family? Sure, she wanted that, but not for the asking price.

"Neither," Bo said stubbornly, knife still gripped in her fist as she glared up.

The Ash and Morrigan still might as well have been twins, based on the identical expressions of affronted disbelief.

"You must choose," the Ash told her. "You have no--"

"Choice?" Bo yelled back up at him. At all of the Fae besides the few who had helped her when they didn't have to, had treated her like a person instead of a problem. "Yes, I do. I choose them." Her knife blade made that same sweeping arc of her friends, before coming back to rest against her own chest. "I choose me. Deal with that or don't."

Please, Bo added only in her head where they couldn't see how exhausted she was or how hard she had to fight to keep the shake from her voice and her knees, pick Door Number One.

Outside the Travelodge, Mumblemumble, Canada

This time, at least, there were no hoods, no handcuffs, and nobody whistling them into unconsciousness, which was a vast improvement for half the passengers in the back of Dyson's van as he pulled up in front of the group's oh so swanky motel. Toby and Kenzi might not be able to appreciate the difference, but Mitchell could and Bo sure did, especially when the back of the van opened up and she could step down onto solid ground of her own free will.

"I feel like I'm out on parole." Which was a weird damn feeling for somebody who'd never actually been arrested for any of the hundreds of things she ought to have been caught for.

"You sort of are," Dyson said. He leaned against the van, shooting her a look.

"If there's a house-arrest anklet involved in this, the deal's off. Those things go with no boots ever."

Kenzi stopped doing the Free! Alive! Not Food! Dance for a second, to glare at Dyson. "Tell me this doesn't involve probation officers either. Bo, your people's justice system is worse than Russia."

Was that an eyeroll? It looked like an eyeroll.

"No leaving evidence for humans to find, no messing in fae business, and you either go back where you came from or you stay here and the Ash keeps tabs on you."

"I don't know where I came from," Bo pointed out. "But back home? Yeah; I'm sure as hell not sticking around here. You need to contact me, Trick knows where it is."


Dyson studied her. She was... something else. That was for sure.

"And if you need me," he said finally, "Trick knows how to find me, too."

"Let me just add that one to my speed-dial." Funny how Bo wasn't getting out her phone. But she did, she supposed, owe him... something. "Thanks for the power-up, though."

Was that a smile? It was gone in an eyeblink, that was for sure. "No problem," Dyson said.

Then he turned and walked. The longer he stuck around Bo, the more trouble he was going to attract - he was sure of that.

"Love to watch you leave!" Kenzi yelled after him. Heh. Then she grinned at Toby and Bo and Mitchell. "Team Awesome! Who's up for booze?"

"I could make my way through a couple of six packs right now," Mitchell muttered.

He still wasn't in the best mood. Fancy that.

"First round's on me," said Bo, not even bothering to argue about ages. "At the first bar outside of town."

Sorry, Trick. Some other time, when she wasn't still looking back over her shoulder to make sure the Light and Dark Courts hadn't changed their minds.

Leaving the Glass Factory, As You Do

The Morrigan
"Now can we kill her?"

Really, all the legal justifications that weren't really needed in the first place were done now. What was the hold-up?

"She passes without any training. Who is this girl?"

"May I offer an opinion?" Trick asked, his grave demeanor hiding his pride at Bo's success and his enjoyment of the Morrigan's displeasure.

The Morrigan
"Can we stop you?" The Morrigan rolled her eyes. "Don't you have some shoes to cobble? Or a garden to decorate?"

Trick just stared at her until she looked away, discomfited. She didn't have the slightest idea of who he really was, but he was old and he was wise and the power of many years rested in his eyes.

"Someone..." he drawled, walking over to join the Morrigan and the Ash in the hallway, "...hid her from us. From both our sides. Don't you think it would be wise to learn and why and who before killing her?"


The Morrigan
"Great." The Morrigan seethed, tapping her fingers on one arm. "And in the meantime, she could expose us all." Would sending a hit squad after her draw the wrong kind of attention? Hmmmmm....

The Ash
Funny how the Ash had had similar thoughts, but not particularly about Bo. "Not without exposing herself," he pointed out, giving some thought to the older man's words. "She's ignorant and reckless, but she's kept her own secrets so well that we didn't know she existed."

"I'm not saying there won't be a time when she needs to be put down," Trick all but snarled. "I'm saying choose it wisely."

He gave them both one more impatient look, as if they were no more than squabbling human children, and turned around to leave the way he came.


[Preplayed with the spectacular [ profile] regretiz4suckas, [ profile] godgavemecable, [ profile] chose_humanity and [ profile] glacial_witch. NFB since off-island, but OOC=A-OK!]

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