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Center for the Study of Supernatural Activity, Bristol, Tuesday Evening

The werewolves were yelling. The guard posted outside their door was... trying to ignore it, as ordered. They were meant to be safe here, right?


Waiting in the dark was all well and good until there were people screaming Help -- from a direction that didn't include Mitchell and Eric. Bo debated going after the vampires for about half a second before shaking her head and heading off toward the shouting instead.

"Something's wrong with Nina!" she heard as she got closer to the commotion.

Since that was the name of one of Mitchell's missing friends, avoiding cameras took a backseat to getting there right the hell now.

A kid dressed like he might try to hand her a copy of the Watchtower if they weren't busy running headlong into each other seemed to have the same idea; his keys went sliding towards the door as he went sprawling on the floor. He scrambled for them; Bo was faster.

"Here, let me help you with that." By scooping them up and jamming what she hoped was the right one in the now-rattling door.

The door slid open easily after that. George's hand came out to grasp Bo's shirt--

--and then he paused. "You're not our guard," he said.

Yes, George, and you had your hand on her boob.

"No; I'm Bo. You can tell the difference because I'm here to get you out and he's not." She pointed to the kid on the floor, soon to be the kid raising an alarm if somebody didn't stop him. "So you might want to grab him instead. You can feel me up later."

That wasn't really an invitation; just... kind of pointing out the location of his hand.

George & Nina
The situation dawned on George. "Oh," he said. Then the situation dawned on him some more, and he said, "Oh! Oh, I'm... sorry, I don't know why I did that--"

"Just get out, George," Nina growled, forcibly shoving his arm out of the way and off Bo's boob as she stormed on past, all diminutive fury.

The boy who'd been acting as a guard made it to his feet and started to step in front of the three of them. Bo did what she assumed George had meant to, and grabbed him by the collar, manhandling him into the room that the two werewolves had just vacated, then slamming the door. Inadvisable threesomes with vampires did wonders for a girl's muscle tone.

"I came with Mitchell," Bo said as she locked the door with her stolen keys. "He was headed for the security office last time I saw him."

George & Nina
"Mitchell's here?" George asked, taking a quick glance at the door that had just shut. To make sure it was... shut. Yes. "...Oh god, Annie. They were going to exorcise her, we need to find her!"

"I never thought I'd be happy to hear Mitchell was here," Nina grumbled.

Bo, scouting down the hall to make sure it was clear, twisted back toward them and frowned. "He said you were his friends."

George gave her a pained look. "No-- yeah," he said, and neatly swerved past an 'it's complicated' to settle on the truth. "My best friend, actually. He's here? Now?"

"That way." Bo pointed in the direction she'd come from. "You said they had somebody else, too, though?"

"Annie," George said, following her with purpose now. "She's... a ghost, so you might not, ah, be able to see her."

Why had Mitchell brought some strange woman here anyway?

Bo wasn't quite blase enough to respond without pause, but on the other hand, of course she's a ghost was starting to get old too. "I guess we'll cross that eternal divide when we come to it. So I take it you didn't mean they were planning to give her a workout with a personal trainer."

Something painful flicked over George's face. "She wanted to be... exorcised," he said. "I mean, if we were going to be cured, we... wouldn't be able to see her anymore, and with Mitchell..."

He'd been so close to losing both of his best friends. What the hell had he been thinking?

"Flipping his lid?" Bo provided delicately. Compared to some descriptions of his mental state she could have made. "Here's the security office. He and Eric were--" Not here now. Nobody was, just an empty chair and a bank of black and white monitors showing various areas of the building.

George rushed forward towards the monitors. "There's-- and why is there a body in the bathroom?" he said, skimming from screen to screen. "And what's she up to? And--"

He frowned at the next one. It was Kemp, and that guy who could see the dead, and... the reflection of a ghost, if you were supernatural, and you looked carefully. "And there's Annie."

Bo had two guesses why there was a body in the bathroom; one guess was blond and one was brunet. She leaned forward to look at the screen George was watching, though, trying to see both what was happening and where the room might be from here.

Man with a cross, man in what almost looked like a prison workshirt and jeans, and... there by the wall, the flicker of something gray and white that got more solid the longer she looked at it. "Whoa."

And because she kind of had to say something stupid to break the I'm really seeing a fucking ghost tension or she'd babble, out came, " her hair?" It really was some nice hair. Too bad its owner looked scared shitless.

George & Nina
"Christ. What are they doing with her?" Nina asked, ignoring the completely asinine bloody question because it wasn't important.

The man in the workshirt seemed to be arguing about something. Quite vehemently-- and then suddenly he wasn't arguing anymore, as the man with the cross grabbed something sharp and jabbed it harshly into the other man's chest.

George gasped.

So did Bo, when the workshirt-guy's fall to the floor was followed seconds later by another flicker on the screen, and suddenly there were two of him, one still, one translucent and shocked, holding out his hands towards Annie. "She sure as hell doesn't look like she wants this."

The priest threw his arms up, crucifix in one hand and bible in the other, and started shouting - probably something religious, George registered blankly. Suddenly, the other man fell to the floor and slid across it, back, back, back towards the wall and then he was gone--

"Oh god, he's exorcising them," George said, his voice dull with shock. "He's using that guy to open up a door."

Bo didn't see a door, as such, but she did see what looked like a miniature tornado in that room, sucking papers and trash, anything small and loose, after the man who'd disappeared, whose body was a motionless grayscale lump on the floor. Papers, trash, and Annie, who was clinging to the edge of a table now as the invisible force pulled at her.

If Bo felt frozen where she was, helpless to get there in time to do anything about this, she couldn't imagine how much worse it must be for George and Nina, who were watching it happen to their friend. "To where?" she asked, and knew it was a pointless question, didn't expect an answer.

George & Nina
George wasn't even listening anymore-- he was simply staring, eyes big, his mind barely comprehending what was happening. "Annie, no," he said, "No no no no no-- Annie--"

He had to run. Get her. Save her. Something-- Something other than stand here and watch as she got tugged away, as she fell, as that translucent form slid across the floor too-- He peered over his shoulder, as if-- he should run.

"No, no, no--"

But that was useless, wasn't it?

And then she suddenly just-- blipped off the camera, and George started forward, "ANNIE!", Nina's hand gripping tightly on his arm.

The lights started flickering, harder and more consistently than the occasional blip that Bo had learned to ignore since she and the vampires entered the building. That snapped her out of her own sick attraction to the screen, not that the nauseous feeling went away. "We've got to get out of here. Now. Unless you want that to happen to you too."

Hell, why limit it to Nina and George? These people blew up vampires, killed humans just to exorcise a ghost; like they'd really let Bo make it out if they knew what she was?

[Continued from here and here, and followed up here. Preplayed with some Dutch chick and every Skywalker boy ever. Taken from Being Human 2x08. Warning: death of a minor NPC, something-that-might-as-well-be of a major one. Off-island, so NFI/NFB, but OOC is tea and jammy dodgers to the soul.]