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Bo Jones. Or maybe Dennis. ([personal profile] nookiepowered) wrote2013-04-15 04:05 pm

Fandom High Security Office, Monday, April 15

If earlier shenanigans hadn't prepared Bo to expect more office redecoration, the index card she'd pulled off Fosse's closet door that read BO'S OTHER BOYFRIEND in purple crayon would have.

All told, though? Security feeds labeled KENZI HALL, PARTY CENTRAL, ARIETTY'S PLACE KEEP OUT THIS MEANS YOU, PETRAWORLD, and PRINCESS GRACE'S ROYAL THRONE ROOM (camera re-aimed toward the second floor girls' bathroom door) were way better than the rooms she'd been limited to last week.

It wasn't the heads of her enemies, but as interior decor went, rainbow streamers, unicorn stickers, and something that looked like the siege of the Alamo recreated across her desk with an army of dinosaur-riding plastic cowboys vs. an army of pony-riding plastic astronauts were way less likely to get her fired in the event of a sudden school board visit, as well.

[OOC: Open, and suggestions for redecoration via bored sugar-hyped urchins (and Grace) provided largely by the bored sugar-hyped urchin in question.]

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Kenzi grinned and leaned against the doorway. "I forgot about the astronauts. Grace might want some of those back."

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"Some of them came that way!" Kenzi might have been lying. Or might not. She pulled the visitor's chair around and straddled it. "We had to keep a grade-schooler occupied while her mom was missing, desperate measures were authorized."

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"Well, she is the Principal's daughter. Doesn't that come with special privileges?" Kenzi scooted her chair closer to Bo, and picked up a pony. "Are you okay? You look okay, but..."

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Kenzi rummaged in a pocket. "Want some peanut M&M's? And where did you guys get stuck? Principal Winchester wasn't gonna say in front of Grace."

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Kenzi snickered, pouring them out onto the desktop, then making a face. "Euuugh. Greeeat. You didn't miss anything here aside from redecorating. How did you guys get out?" She looked guilty. "We looked for you. I swear we did. But there were no clues at all."

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"Well I am way, way glad you're back." Kenzi looped an arm around Bo. "And that you have a tub big enough for a seven-year-old and a couple teenagers to stage that scene from Battleship."

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Kenzi snickered. "Relax. Arietty, who can double as this action figure." She held up one of the cowgirls. "And Petra was there, but is averse to getting wet. So just me. But if you find more pink or anything fluffy around, I'm declaring it Grace's."

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"Ari's very good at captaining an aircraft carrier." Kenzi beamed, then bumped her shoulder against Bo's. "...and Toby and I appreciate this disclaimer, should there ever be a reason for it to be applicable in the future."

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Kenzi cackled and looked at the pony. "You'll give me an alibi little guy, right?"

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"Are you messing with me?" Kenzi demanded. "Or are your super-charming powers now including giant reptiles?"

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Kenzi was chortling at this image, flailing around and waving the pony. "Little dinosaurs want to be freeee! Man, I wish there were pictures... and at least the entire week wasn't a giant pool of suck?"

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"Least you're back. And not sticky." Another hug, and Kenzi settled back. "Cake! I'l bring you s'more."