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Bo Jones. Or maybe Dennis. ([personal profile] nookiepowered) wrote2013-06-20 03:02 pm

Fandom High Security Office: Thursday, June 20

Bo leaned back in her chair, boots propped on the desk, oddly wistful that her office was devoid of rubber ducks, balloons, body-part-shaped-pastries and provocatively-dressed beanie-babies this week.

Which is to say, devoid of any new rubber ducks, balloons, body-part-shaped-pastries or provocatively-dressed beanie-babies; she wasn't counting the ones that had already been there. They were too familiar to provide much distraction from the round of circular thinking she'd been caught in for the past few days.

Sometime in the future I'll know about my past. Might. Sometime in the future I might know about my past. I've got family somewhere. If I can find them...

If she could find them, she could find out why she'd lost them. Then again, maybe why they didn't want her was something she didn't want to know.

In conclusion, where was an office full of crossdressing inflatable glow in the dark Wookiee dolls when you needed them?


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Maybe she'd be okay with just a surprise perky Goth?

"Coffeeeee." With drinks!

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Well, that had Kenzi side-eyeing. Even if she still gave her the coffee. "Is it talk like a Viking day? Uh. Pillage! Pillage the drink of the bean, and then go forth and... cause havoc?"

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"Bless them all," Kenzi said mock-piously, then slurped her drink, and perched on Bo's desk. "Eric being a very sophisticated and kinda scary exception anyway. So, bless all your ancestors." She toasted Bo, eyes sharp. "'Cause I guess you got some."

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"I was kinda wondering if you were hatched," Kenzi mused. "You know. With a bunch of other baby succubi. And you wandered away from the nest, and somewhere, a mama succubus is wondering if you got eaten by a giant snake..."

Disney films: corrupting the brain since 1928.

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"But still a big surprise," Kenzi pointed out. "But. You've got a grandpa. Somewhere. And he doesn't sound like a bad guy, from the bits I can remember."

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Kenzi screwed up her face in memory. "I'm pretty sure he sent some of those kids who needed help to us," she finally said. "And the way we were talking about him, you guys talked on the phone pretty often? ... so that argues for this planet and century time zone? Maybe?"

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"Yeah, me neither," Kenzi said, voice regretful. "Just that we'd met your mom too. And nada about your dad. I guess that means he could be your maternal grandfather? Maybe?" She poked at her. "But he's out there to be found! This is huge!"

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"I know!" That deserved a desk-dance of glee. "I just wish I knew how, because dude, that was... did you see my shoes? They were awesome shoes." Kenzi paused, then. "And all those kids. Were we crazy?"

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"Ohhhhh yeah." Kenzi frowned, thinking about that future. "I mean. Vlad and Ellie: still cool. That Adam kid... but Maeve, I just remember her being adorable trouble..."

All of which was to say: It was cool, okay?

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"Oooooo yeah. Because Strip Triad? What the hell is that?... And wasn't there something about vines?" Kenzi paused, making a face. "Crap, it's fading already. But. I mean. If I did get that rich... And you didn't stop me from being a thief..."

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"Aw, c'mon. I brought you coffee!" So you should let her do illegal things! "Don't you want to go look at Efferton Manor? Just to see it? Maybe? Convince yourself of how crazy it is?"

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"Pfftttt. Not for today." Kenzi dismissed that. "For someday. And we just saw the outside." She waved hugely. "Don't you have *dreams*, Bo?"

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"Fiiiiine." She'd get Toby to help her. Maybe. "Nobody lives there now, do they? Right? 'Cause they're never on the Radio? It would just be some realtors." And maybe some bribe-able squirrels.

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"Yes!" Kenzi did a happy dance. "It's not like we'll wreck anything. It's our future home!" She stopped dancing for a second. "Although, we gotta look for a place that's actually in our non-existent price range soon too, since I only have two more months of dorms and free bouncy castles."

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Kenzi stuck out her tongue. "It was fun the first two days. After that, rolling into people every time someone got in or out of the damn castle really sucked, since none of the people I was rolling into was Toby." She grumbled under her breath. "Also, being in separate castles? Meant creativity for private time."

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"Bribery. Totally bribery. Or blackmail. Easier to do on just two people. Or just embarrassing them into not coming back if the castle's rocking like New Year's Eve." There's your answer, Bo.