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The Isle of IKEA, Wednesday Evening

"I'm not sure how I feel about buying furniture with names," Bo said thoughtfully. "I mean, around here? What if Ivan doesn't like Sven and we spend the next year listening to the couch beating up on the coffee table in the middle of the night?"

Potential Twitter tag for this adventure: #fandomislandproblems

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"We lay bets and sell tickets and make a fortune on Pay-Per-View?" Kenzi suggested, looking hopeful.

Other potential Twitter tag: #badideasfromKenzi

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"Well, sure. Your furniture especially. Mine will end up repeating itself a lot, since Toby's the only participant... ooo! They have a mattress with your name on it!"

Sultan Hansbo. Was that a sign, or what?

"...what if the mattress wanted to get it on with the bed frame?" Kenzi pounced on the one that was labeled 'Mandal.'

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"I dunno, the could be doing something tantric, and we wouldn't even know." Kenzi bounced up, then fell back onto Mandal again. "So, storage under the bed, so they can get it on with the drawers, or a separate set, for full flexibility?.... would you have sex with a humanified bed, Bo?"

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"Is that a vote for Folldal?" Kenzi grinned, and bounced over to that one. "And and and I think I should get Vettre ( too. She looks like she'd be up for anything. I want my furniture to learn from each other."

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Kenzi snickered and flopped back onto a Stockholm pillow-chair. Did that mean she had a syndrome? "Yup. But at least our furniture can't claim we didn't think of it, if it ever does happen... Can we have a housewarming party? Maybe not right away, but soonish?"

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Kenzi leaned over to pat the bed. "She didn't mean it in a bad way, Folldal. Don't take it personally." Another bounce and she was up and examining bean-bag chairs and papa-sans. "Why would I want to set our house on fire when we just moved in? ... aside from giving us an excuse to move into Efferton, and the guy there is a jerk and a jackass and would probably leave us in a cardboard box on the street."

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"'Doom'," Kenzi said. You could hear the quote-marks. "Big creepy armored psycho world-killer. According to him. I think he's compensating for something, with the cape and that mask."

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"Seriously? What the heck is the guy teaching? I mean, I'm not surprised, it's Fandom, but still." Kenzi fumed a little and added, "I might have told him I'd steal the house from him. Also, if you could find a reason to whammy him I would be eternally grateful if you got it on camera. Great big boots-wearing boomy-voice twerp."

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"He threatened me!" After she'd gotten up in his face. Kenzi made her voice pathetic. "He threatened the house. And... maybe he'd relax if he got laid? Maybe? 'Cause you know, I bet he doesn't get much play with that Dark Helmet act he's got going."

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"Oooo." Put that down in Kenzi's mental column of Other Ways to Make Cash. "But I will never give up fraud and petty larceny. I will just switch to major larceny. It's my destiny, Bo."

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"During!... wait, you meant for our future adopted kids, not me, right?" Another bounce on the bed. "Do you think the Fae have other cool stuff like the Koushang that could be sold on eBay?"

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"Nnnnngh. Point." Kenzi made a face. "Except Trick, who's pretty cool. But he knows where we are anyway." Another bounce of glee in remembering that adventure. "Still. I gotta think of the future. Since you're never gonna get rich being a security officer, it's up to me to redistribute the wealth so we get our house back. If Doom doesn't burn it down out of spite."

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"Well, I -- weirdly enough -- want to pull my own weight." Kenzi stood up and took a dramatic pose. "At something I'm good at, but want to be great. So. Theft it is. Unless we find treasure." Her eyes widened. "OOOOooooooo. A pirate used to run the Radio Station. Do you think there's treasure on the island somewhere?" Say yes, Bo! Don't dash her dreams!