nookiepowered: (security (just chillin'))
Bo Jones. Or maybe Dennis. ([personal profile] nookiepowered) wrote2014-05-15 03:25 pm
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Fandom High Security Center, Thursday

"Oh God, what fresh hell is this?"

You'd think Bo was watching the security feeds, given, you know, Fandom, but no. She'd just logged into her NotaBlog account. Shellac Error, refresh, Top Coat Error, refresh, Out of Cheese Error, refre-- SURPRISE! Whole new site design!

"What. The. Frak."

Sure, she only used the thing to follow the Angelica Demesnes anonmeme anymore, but seriously? Where were the shortcuts? Where was the header? Why was there a goat in a gimp suit on the sidebar? Despite every instinct in the world screaming at her not to click...


"Oh, that's just wrong. Why would you do that?"

So yeah, anyone passing by probably still thought she was watching the security feeds. Because Fandom.


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