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Fandom High Security Center, Thursday

"Oh God, what fresh hell is this?"

You'd think Bo was watching the security feeds, given, you know, Fandom, but no. She'd just logged into her NotaBlog account. Shellac Error, refresh, Top Coat Error, refresh, Out of Cheese Error, refre-- SURPRISE! Whole new site design!

"What. The. Frak."

Sure, she only used the thing to follow the Angelica Demesnes anonmeme anymore, but seriously? Where were the shortcuts? Where was the header? Why was there a goat in a gimp suit on the sidebar? Despite every instinct in the world screaming at her not to click...


"Oh, that's just wrong. Why would you do that?"

So yeah, anyone passing by probably still thought she was watching the security feeds. Because Fandom.


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Okay. Was that a goat?

Vic paused a moment in the hallway wondering if this Bo guy needed a moment or...

Ah, screw it.

"Excuse me," she said knocking on the doorframe. "I'm looking for Bo?"

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"Um. I'm from the sheriff's department?" Vic said not meaning to make that statement sound like a question. "Doyle said I should talk to Bo about the weirdness of this island but if you need a moment..."

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Oh, Bo. This one doesn't have any supernatural powers. Careful now!

"Well then," Vic said showing off a crooked grin. "Maybe you can convince me that this place is as freaky as everyone else claims it to be."


"Except I don't want to see that goat thing. Whatever that was."
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Udder clamps?

"Okay is this an example of the weirdness here? Because if you're watching goat porn... Well that's a pretty good example of weird right there."

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"Well I've never seen anyone punch the internet before," Vic joked as she took a seat and leaned back in the chair. "But I've got five minutes so I'm willing to see if the gummi bears or flying tigers show up. I did see the zombies at Caritas the other night but I'm getting the impression that's just the tip of the ice berg."

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"Um. Sure let's go with the pepper thing," Vic replied before doing a double take. "Wait. There's a horse on the teaching staff?"

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Oh, Bo. That was such a dubious look you were getting... Until the pepper footage started.

"Shit. Really?" She said watching the footage. "That's... Yeah. Okay. That's fucked up. And what's with all the bows and arrows? And Holy shit did that girl just turn into.... What the fuck did she just turn into, fog?"

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"I'm beginning to get that idea," Vic said leaning over more to intently stare at the screen. "I'm not going to have to learn to shoot a bow and arrow am I? Because I kind of suck at that."

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"Shit," Vic said leaning back in her chair again. "How often does this stuff happen?"

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"Uh. No. What's going to happen if I throw a punch? Does that start the zombies on a rampage for brains?"

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Vic so had to get that security system for Henry.

Vic gave Bo an evil grin. "Seriously? I so need that to happen for the bar brawls back home. Actually I just want to carry whatever gizmo that does that around with me and piss people off and get them to take a swing at me."

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Vic blinked a few times as she tried to process that.

"Well... Okay," she said after a long pause. "Keep in mind... still skeptical here but between zombies, mist girls and flying jalapeno peppers that's kind of hard to argue against."

She groaned and rubbed her head. "I'm going to kill Walt. Kill him."

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She let out a snort of laughter. "My boss. This is his idea of protecting me."