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Bo Jones. Or maybe Dennis. ([personal profile] nookiepowered) wrote2014-08-14 09:48 am

43 Unicorn, Thursday Morning

Bo was going to go on a J,GoB run this morning, since she'd woken up early anyway.

Until she looked out the window.

"Riiiiiight. Guess it's time to try out that new waffle maker after all." There hadn't been enough booze in Baltimore to make her forget turning into a hoochie-coochie dancer, so. Retail therapy.

On the plus side, the waffle currently cooking as she started up the coffee machine smelled delicious. On the not so plus side, it'd be nice if she could stop humming, "It's raining eels, hallelujah, it's raining eels, for real..."

[For the roomie(s). Or anybody else who wants a waffle.]

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"So that was weird. This weekend." Kenzi looked out the window. "And it just keeps coming, doesn't it? Oooo, waffles."
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"I'll eat the mistakes. And protect your rep. I'm your bud like that." Kenzi opened it to see a half-burnt half-circle, and decided it was edible-looking enough. A little ice cream wouldn't hurt, right? "You doing okay after the weekend?"

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Kenzi nudged Bo's side with one arm, then dropped a scoop of chocolate on top of her waffles. "I know this is pretty much typical by now. Just needing to know you're good with the macrame. And having some Amazon hug you out of the impulse to tangle other people up in plant-hangers, according to Radio."

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"Sometimes that can be fun!" Kenzi picked up the waffle-with-ice-cream and took a bite out of it, humming. "Well, if you like the person you're re-losing it to." She shrugged, accepting that. "I"m sorry I wasn't there to help earlier, jeez. Although not sorry I didn't turn evil or get drafted into the Carnival of Crazy."

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"Yeeeeee. For serious." Kenzi chewed thoughtfully for a moment, then volunteered, "I did almost get pulled in at the fortune-teller's tent. That chick creeped me the hell out."

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"Bling is good for getting out of reach of grabby hands," Kenzi answered, fanning out her fingers to show off skulls, Hello Kitty, some Celtic knotwork, and a few spiky bits. "Also, I really really wanted to, what with all the 'abandon your friend and abandon your doooom' she had going."

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"She was freaking vague at me! Just said, 'well, you'd die for your BFF, right?' And tchah sure, and then it was all 'doooooom leave her and you'll both be better off' which was when I started trying to skedaddle."

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"I'm not saying it's an ambition," Kenzi appeared to agree. "It's just hard to guarantee some non-permanent death thing won't happen at all, you know?.... You know, you can always put a shoe on the door too."

You might not get it back, but still.

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"Oh, hey, reminds me, that guy who works at the hotel? I kind of told him I'd set you up with him. 'Cause of the whole setting-him-on-fire-thing the last crazytime before this one."

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"I wasn't the one almost-dying!" Kenzi protested. "That was Nik. I was a crazy mobster chick. We set him on fire--" 'we' meaning Kenzi, "but he was really cool about it, so I said I'd introduce you guys. You know, the weekend where Roland was playing the saxophone all over the place?"

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"I mentioned the craziness, didn't I?... Also we shouldn't go to that newish tea room. No reason." Kenzi sniffed the air thoughtfully. "I think it's done."

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Kenzi reached over and opened the window, fanning the smoke out toward the front yard. "See? It could happen to anyone!"

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"Both of them are yummy," Kenzi guessed like she was on a quiz show, reaching for the batter. "And in your case, equally nutritious."

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"Entirely possible?" Kenzi wasn't totally sure, but Nik had seemed a little ... weird? And at the very least, tough. "But I can find out!" She slapped the top of the waffle iron down on the latest gooey mass. "You should have some ice cream with this. For the calcium."