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74 Godiva, Saturday Mumblemumble Morningish

"What the shit?"

Bo might not remember where she was, how she got there in general or the floor in particular, why she wasn't wearing much of anything on the top half of her body, the name of the blonde whose head was currently cutting off the circulation to her left arm, or even her own name, but her FCC-noncompliant vocabulary hadn't gone anywhere, so that was something, right? Right?

[For the blonde!]
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The blonde girl on her floor let out a soft sigh and rubbed her cheek against the warm patch of skin it was currently resting on. "Mmmnice."
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"Must've been something good," the girl said lazily, looking up and, finally, squinting at Bo until her face made sense. "Ooh. You're pretty."
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The blonde let that idea bounce around her head for a moment. "Not a damn clue," she settled on. She stretched her arms out. "About you or me."
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"Doesn't seem like the most comfortable place to do it, but yeah," Tamsin said, pushing up until she was sitting.

Happy to get your arm back, Bo?

"What is this place anyway? Kind of a dump."

You should see where you live.
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The blonde struggled onto her feet-- and what followed was the sound of glass rolling around on the floor. She pulled a face. "That, or you're a major league alcoholic."
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And if Tamsin had known she was Tamsin, she'd have known her own tolerance was big enough that none of the half a bottle of rotgut she'd had in the past 48 hours could have caused a blackout this severe; but sometimes life wasn't fair.

She squinted down at the brunette. "Drunken sex romp?" she said. "We're some classy broads."
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"It's a nice ass," Tamsin conceded, giving it a look.
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Tamsin glanced over idly towards one of the corners of the room, then blinked.

She walked over and picked up something that looked-- "Ow."

She made a face. "Apparently a fancy weapons enthusiast."
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Tamsin shrugged. "They let you play with real toys there?" she said, eyeballing the round knife... thingy. She picked it up and twirled it instinctively. "...Woah."
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The knife went flying across the room and embedded itself neatly in the wall. "Huh," Tamsin said. "You might be right about that."

She looked towards Bo. "Maybe we're hitmen."
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Oh, look. Looking had magically turned into walking towards in an eyeblink. "If we're not, I think we're both losing out."
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"I know I'm not awfully dumb," Tamsin said, with a giggle that her non-Tabula Rasa'd self would stare at in utter disgust.

But there was no disgust here; just her hands traveling down to Bo's hips.
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"Is it an idea along the lines of this...?" the blonde asked, moving in to put her pretty lips on Bo's even prettier lips.
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The blonde didn't have the space for a kissing icon yet made a similar noise, except it went a little more like Mmmmmmmmmmmmmoh because. Wow.