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43 Unicorn, Monday Night

This was not Bo's first trip around the Fandom block, which was why security officer or no, you were not going to catch her Saturday night in the middle of a pumping, grinding mass of overly hormonal teenagers. Which... pretty much described the island now, and if she had her way, you wouldn't be catching Bo here either. But...

Let's just say that Bo's suggestion to the Portalocity operator when he told her there were no open dimensional paths to anyplace or anyone she would usually flee to was... well, if he'd been here and willing to take it literally, Bo wouldn't be having to settle for a long bath behind the Chinese screens, a Pinot Noir, and an audiobook of 49 Tints of Ecru.

Read by the most obnoxious voice actor she could find, just in case the prose didn't shut down her libido on its own.

...Goddammit, when did Gilbert Gottfried get so hot?

[For an unexpected interloper who may or may not be the mayor, but open for calls and yellings-up-the-stairs as well! Aaaaaaand now NSFW.]
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You know, you could say a lot about Bo, but her taste in alcohol? It was great. Great enough that Tamsin was taking a swig straight out of the bottle as she wandered into the bathroom. She let the bottle dangle between her fingertips afterwards, tossing Bo-and-bathtub an idle glance.

"Ugh, this week."
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"Your door was unlocked," Tamsin explained. "...Well, it's unlocked now, anyway."

She took another sip of her drink. "I ran out of booze."
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"Because I drank it all. Mostly last week," Tamsin said. She wandered towards the toilet and sat down. "Anyway, I thought, now I have to go to the bar! Except then I remembered I know this bartender who's living with another bartender..."
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"Yes?" Tamsin offered. She shrugged at Bo. "I would."
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Tamsin rolled her eyes. "What's a succubus doing hanging around a bathroom in a week like this anyway?" she said. "I thought you'd be rolling in it."
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"Aaaand as we established last time we chatted, half the island isn't actually humans," Tamsin said.

She stretched out her legs and took another long, nice sip from that bottle. What? Now she had booze and a show, since Bo hadn't told her to get out just yet.
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"They just kicked you out of your universe without a how-to manual, didn't they?" Tamsin said. There was... some sympathy in there? Somewhere? Maybe?

She took a swig and added, "Though hey, if you want to bang, the human I used to bang whenever this happened skipped town a while ago."

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Tamsin would argue this was not her original plan, if simply because she'd figured Bo wouldn't be in the house when she came in. (Yeah, she'd planned to show up, take some of Bo's booze, and take off. Charming, she was.)

But hey. Bo was hot. Capital h-Hot, even.

She wouldn't even tell the Morrigan.

"Do. You. Want. To. Bang?" Tamsin repeated. "Fixes two problems, right?"
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"My problem and your problem?" Tamsin said, getting up off the toilet seat and swaggering towards the tub.
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"That was not sexy," Tamsin agreed. "Well, the guy wasn't, anyway." She set her bottle down by the foot of the bath, and then reached down to tug off her shirt.

Thus shirtless, she pushed her hands down on the edge of the bath and stepped in.

Sure, she could have taken her pants off first, too, but eh.
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"Hi," Tamsin said, matter-of-factly. "You know, here's a secret: I didn't actually come here to get laid. Originally, anyway."

She stretched out until she was leaning over Bo. "But you're really hot," she sighed. Most days, she would've worked a sarcastic crack in there somehow, but this worked right now.
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Something wistful flickered across Tamsin's face. "Pretty eyes, too," she murmured. "Both brown and blue..."

But that was not something she was going to think about overmuch.

Instead, she'd much rather press her lips to Bo's, like so.
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Bo was more than welcome to touch those. That was why Tamsin had taken her shirt off, and everything.

She cupped the back of Bo's head for leverage. Sucked on Bo's bottom lip. Mm, succubus kisses. This was a fantastic idea.
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Magical, Fae-biological-and-thus-inclined-to-behave-weirdly-in-some-situations, whatever you wanted to call it...

... it didn't really matter anyway.

You know what was also glorious? Tongue. And pressing her body down into Bo's a little more, even if the water made the whole thing weird.

Actually, the weird water thing was kinda nice.
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Pffft. Tamsin made actual money now. She'd either buy a new one or steal one if she was feeling really contrary.

Besides, Bo was biting. She let out an appreciative groan and muttered something that might have been the word feisty.

On a similar note, you know who else had great boobs? Bo did.
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Bo was sexier than Gilbert Gottfried, so a snort, she could just about get away with.

Tamsin let out an approving gasp, though now the pants were getting annoying. She'd have to deal with that situation soon. Soon, not now, because she was trailing kisses down Bo's neck right now. Busy, busy.
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Whatever, the pants would go eventually. You know what, Tamsin was going to spend some more time and energy on those fantastic boobs instead. With her hands. The bath water was kind of a limitation for anything else.

She nipped at Bo's neck, then slid her tongue just a little further down. Mm.
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You know, Tamsin was going to get out of that bath any second and take those pants off and then drag you down the hall towards the nearest bed-shaped thing she could find.

Any second.

Aaaany second.

... had she mentioned Bo had awesome boobs? She was still kinda stuck on that.
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Aaaand there we had Bo laying on the succubus mojo. Not that Tamsin was going to complain. At all. It gave a nice buzz, made her feel all warm all over.

She sighed into it with satisfaction, eyes closed-- and then she was close enough to kiss again.