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Bo Jones. Or maybe Dennis. ([personal profile] nookiepowered) wrote2013-05-08 11:29 am

Fandom High Security Office, Wednesday, May 8th

No students in the halls, no likelihood of trouble, perfect day to catch up on the paperwork bits of Bo's alcohol-free job, right?

Why she'd expected to find her office unmolested at all, let alone after Kenzi's graduation, Bo had no idea, but she still ended up standing in the doorway staring like a dope for a bit.

It didn't help that the second she opened the door, she was hit in the face by an unfortunately-shaped balloon arrow, launched across the room from a carefully-rigged and really kind of impressive balloon bow.

Balloon swords dangled from the ceiling. Balloon... she guessed they were supposed to be land-mines...littered the floor.

Her stuffed mountie moose sat on a filing cabinet armed with a balloon M-16, which Bo though was a little excessive for the RCMP until she tracked across to his target: the giant rubber duck sitting in her chair.

Wearing a postman's cap and wielding what she really really hoped was supposed to be a cannon.

"And here I was afraid it was gonna be a boring day at the office."

[Open; decoration-modding and duck-larceny performed with multiple blessings.]

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Kenzi was now visiting with a chocolate ice-cream latte shake. And a camera.

"Say, pate'!"

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Kenzi snerked and snapped, leaning in to appreciate the scenery. "Here. I brought you chocolatey coffee ice cream goodness." She buffed her nails on her shirt. "I have outdone myself.

[np at all, happens!]

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"Yup. Courtesy of Alice over at Freedom Arms. Weirdness hit, we both benefited. You should meet her, she's cool." Kenzi put her arm around Bo's shoulders and looked thoughtful. "Think I have a future in interior design?"

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"Exactly." Kenzi picked up one of the balloon-guns and grinned at the duck. "You haven't asked yet. Heh."

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"The U.S. Postal Service," Kenzi said with immense satisfaction. "I almost set him up on a date with the cock outside of 'Dite's. But I figured you deserved to meet him first."

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Kenzi's glee could not be textually rendered. Here, have an icon.

"Coming from you, that means something."

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"Only if they catch me. And the squirrels didn't rat me out on the duck," Kenzi pointed out. "Besides, he's yours now. You have to take care of him."

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"Finders, keepers. You found him. You keep him!" Look, a prezzie! Who said Kenzi never got you anything? Kenzi picked up a balloon crossbow. "Don't make me use this!"

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"Moosie! Cover me!" TWANG! ... pop!

This probably wouldn't end well.

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"FIRE ALL WEAPONS!" And then there were a landslide of grenades from the ceiling. WOO!