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No students in the halls, no likelihood of trouble, perfect day to catch up on the paperwork bits of Bo's alcohol-free job, right?

Why she'd expected to find her office unmolested at all, let alone after Kenzi's graduation, Bo had no idea, but she still ended up standing in the doorway staring like a dope for a bit.

It didn't help that the second she opened the door, she was hit in the face by an unfortunately-shaped balloon arrow, launched across the room from a carefully-rigged and really kind of impressive balloon bow.

Balloon swords dangled from the ceiling. Balloon... she guessed they were supposed to be land-mines...littered the floor.

Her stuffed mountie moose sat on a filing cabinet armed with a balloon M-16, which Bo though was a little excessive for the RCMP until she tracked across to his target: the giant rubber duck sitting in her chair.

Wearing a postman's cap and wielding what she really really hoped was supposed to be a cannon.

"And here I was afraid it was gonna be a boring day at the office."

[Open; decoration-modding and duck-larceny performed with multiple blessings.]
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It was one of those days.

Not one of Those Days, thank God; Bo had two of everything she was supposed to have two of and none of everything she was supposed to have none of and she wasn't singing or standing on a crate to make milkshakes.

It was just one of those days when, three days after finding out the hard way that using Tiny as a barometer of drink-strength was only slightly smarter than kissing a fish, she was sitting in her office, going through her e-mail, and finding out the harder way that no one should let her near a computer on Saturday nights.

"I signed up for what?"

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