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"Hi, this is Bo, except not. This is where you leave Bo a message, and Bo gets back with you sometime after she stops being weirded out by talking about herself in the third person."

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"So, you're okay now, right? Right? You don't want my blood or anything else? The nookie power fixed you up fine? CALL ME! PEOPLE ARE CRAZY HERE!"

A postcard, sometime this week:

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On the back, in loopy handwriting:


Having fun trying to melt the ice with a Michael Fassbinder lookalike and his sweetie of a wife.

Stay safe!

Wish you were here,


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"Dude, Portalocity is EVIL. There was a giant rat! Topher and me killed it! Call me! I am never leaving the island again!"

Phone Day!

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[From here (]

"...Wow, you sound different. But you know what, you sound good! Um, I was at work yesterday. I'm sure squirrels will back me up. Just please don't fire me, and please don't call the authorities! I'll do anything, I swear."

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[OOC: Boy, did this ( go to the wrong person.]

"Yes. Um. Love? I am not sure I'm quite the person to talk about marriage with, as I have no experience there at all, but I'm always willing to listen!"

Crazy Phone Day

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"Yes, hi, doctor, this is Rebecca Logan. I was hoping I could come in later today for the morning-after pill? I know, again, right? Anyway, call me to confirm. Toodles!"
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[[From here!]]

...what. What sort of mad woman calls someone up to rant about kittens and dresses? You have no right to speak to me in such a way! I will punch all the kittens I wish! Should I wish to! At least it is not greasy fornication as is your wont!

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[from here! (]

Kenzi by now was also suspecting Something Was Up, but this was too funny not to try and respond to or pass along.

"I think all my relatives could benefit from your wisdom. Although I'm not sure they'd take advice about putting things down their pants in public from someone they didn't know. Still, gotta say: quite the mental image!"

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Saw your tweets. Are you feeling all right?

Sure, Mitchell. Text her after Crazy Phone Day.
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Crazy Phone Day(s)!

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It was possible Bruce hadn't thought this through.

"It's me. Could you call me back and email me when you do? I'm trying to figure something out."


"By the way, I really don't miss your shower. You can tell JARVIS that."
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[It's apparently shower day for Bo...]

"No, no, I'm very interested about this showerhead that does nothing for you. Call me back."

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[From here (!]

"...Okay, well it's great that there's no vomit involved, but I don't know why I should be thanking you for that."

Wacky Phone Day

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[[From here (]]

"Oh, I'm pretty sure it wasn't meant for you," Stephanie said cheerfully, and she was also pretty sure she wasn't responding to the same person who'd called her but she was bored and claiming this was a sociological experiment. Or something. Yes, that. "Don't ask me to do all the fancy math, but the odds of that are preeeeeeeeeeeeeetty slim, so by extension, whoever gets this, hi!"

Way to ruin your own experiment, Steph.

"Pink's really not my color, by the way."
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Crazy Phone!

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[From here]

"Damn right I don't sleep with squirrels! Ew! I don't even want to know who's trying to tell you otherwise, but punch them in the cock for me, okay? If anything, I sleep with a parakeet!"

Sorry, Warren. Sorry not sorry.

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What the hell crazy birds and DEAF

Hi, Bo.

Where r u?
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Bring my dog back.

Were Derek anyone else, there might have been an angry emoticon there. But, luckily he remembered she had work that night and added:


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There might have been some random noises. Then:

"Weeeee are the Champppions
There's no time for losers
'Cause we are the chaaaaampions--"

More giggling and then:

"I'mma bringing you a tiger kitty from Vegas, Bo! Tell Zen Kitty!"

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[From here (]

Being the helpful sort, Four tried to track Johnny down to pass Alana's message along:

"Hey, your girl's looking for you. Something about triplets and a June wedding?"
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[personal profile] locointhecoco 2015-04-01 03:24 pm (UTC)(link)
from here

"Did you want to try sleeping together*, though? I mean, it can be loads of fun! My pony friends and I used to do it all the time back home in Equestria. And it's okay if it's a wrong number, I'll sleep with pretty much anypony!"

* Pinkie Pie is blissfully unaware of the street meaning of this phrase. Probably. I mean, like, 90% most likely.
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[personal profile] fjordicswagger 2015-04-01 03:29 pm (UTC)(link)
"You know that thing you did with the little whip thingie? That was pretty hot. Wanna use it again?"

If Tamsin found out she sent this to the wrong person, she'd... probably not care very much, no.
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[personal profile] gavegoodface 2015-04-01 05:29 pm (UTC)(link)
[from here]

Face spent a long moment trying to parse his latest message before before passing it along the chain. "No, no, the diagnosis was that he shouldn't hump anyone because of his social disease."


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Having received a disturbing phone call, Ichabod felt the need to talk. Not with Celia, it would worry her too much, so he tried to call Alana. Unfortunately it reached someone else.

"Please, can we talk? I am worried something bad might have happened, and I would sincerely appreciate your advice on the matter."

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[From here!]

"Okay, yeah, to hell with marriage. What was that about a threesome?"

Okay, so he had never met Parker in his life. That wasn't going to stop Nikolai from trying to return that call, okay?

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[from here (]

"One of us is very confused. I'm pretty sure it's not me this time. What's wrong with cannons and balloons? Were you frightened by a parade?... is this a sex thing? Call me back. I want to know."

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(From here (!)

"Now, look; I mean, I try to be open and all, but horses? Not...really. Now if you happen to know any not-horses in the mood, just let me know!"

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