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2021-04-01 12:54 am
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"Hi, this is Bo, except not. This is where you leave Bo a message, and Bo gets back with you sometime after she stops being weirded out by talking about herself in the third person."
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2021-04-01 12:54 am
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"Hi, this is Bo, except not. This is where you leave Bo a message, and Bo gets back with you sometime after she stops being weirded out by talking about herself in the third person."
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2015-12-18 04:46 pm

43 Unicorn Street, Friday Morning

"Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you..."

The season was right, a Christmas tree glowed in the corner, but it wasn't quite Bo's birthday yet... was it?

But it had to be, because there was a frosting-bedecked cake on the table in front of her, a forest fire of candles blazing around the edges of the BETH in gooey red script, shadows flickering over familiar faces: her mom, her dad, her closest friends from school, even Kyle standing behind her, one hand resting easily on her shoulder, which really couldn't be right, because... because....

"Happy birthday, SPAWN OF DEMONS... )

With that shout, Bo finally fought her way free.

...of the sweat-soaked sheets that were twisted around her body.

Times like this, Bo kind of wished she'd grabbed more from Mitchell's place the last time she went to visit than a good time, a lot of tea, and a big stack of Aero bars. Specifically, a pack or two of smokes.

Hell, right now she'd settle for just one cigarette. "Well. That sucked balls."

[OOC: cut for religious zealotry, parental mental illness, and undead boyfriends, as you do. For the BFF, primarily, but open to calls or visitors as well.]
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2015-02-16 10:04 pm

43 Unicorn, Monday Night

This was not Bo's first trip around the Fandom block, which was why security officer or no, you were not going to catch her Saturday night in the middle of a pumping, grinding mass of overly hormonal teenagers. Which... pretty much described the island now, and if she had her way, you wouldn't be catching Bo here either. But...

Let's just say that Bo's suggestion to the Portalocity operator when he told her there were no open dimensional paths to anyplace or anyone she would usually flee to was... well, if he'd been here and willing to take it literally, Bo wouldn't be having to settle for a long bath behind the Chinese screens, a Pinot Noir, and an audiobook of 49 Tints of Ecru.

Read by the most obnoxious voice actor she could find, just in case the prose didn't shut down her libido on its own.

...Goddammit, when did Gilbert Gottfried get so hot?

[For an unexpected interloper who may or may not be the mayor, but open for calls and yellings-up-the-stairs as well! Aaaaaaand now NSFW.]
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2014-09-06 04:44 pm

74 Godiva, Saturday Mumblemumble Morningish

"What the shit?"

Bo might not remember where she was, how she got there in general or the floor in particular, why she wasn't wearing much of anything on the top half of her body, the name of the blonde whose head was currently cutting off the circulation to her left arm, or even her own name, but her FCC-noncompliant vocabulary hadn't gone anywhere, so that was something, right? Right?

[For the blonde!]
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2014-09-05 10:09 pm

74 Godiva Street, Late Friday Night

Bo never knew whether she loved or hated the island on nights like this. In the hate column, she'd just been walking down the street minding her own business (and if that street happened to go past the art supplies n' birth control megastore no longer an official franchisee according to corporate, it was none of your business) when at least a gallon of freezing cold water -- and freaking ICE CUBES -- came pouring down out of the sky onto her head. Right in front of Tamsin's place because of course she was, because Fandom.

On the other hand, blondie didn't get much chance to snicker at Bo from her front step before the heavens opened up on her too, which was gratifying. (What Bo could see of it through her dripping hair, anyway.)

Squelching across town to get home would've been decidedly less so, but several eyerolls later (and one assurance that Tamsin didn't give a crap personally but she was an officer of the law and Bo on the street in a wet t-shirt was clearly a menace to public safety), Tamsin was tossing dry clothes at her while Bo tried not to drip too much on the carpet as she peeled herself out of the soaked ones.

Overall, she'd have been willing to call the whole thing a draw -- if her tabulations hadn't been interrupted by the both of them suddenly kerthumping to said carpet like two sacks of potatoes. Two very wet, half-naked, completely unconscious sacks of potatoes.

Because Fandom.

[Estaaaaaablishy. *valkyrie-mods, as you do, because Fandom*]
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2014-08-14 09:48 am

43 Unicorn, Thursday Morning

Bo was going to go on a J,GoB run this morning, since she'd woken up early anyway.

Until she looked out the window.

"Riiiiiight. Guess it's time to try out that new waffle maker after all." There hadn't been enough booze in Baltimore to make her forget turning into a hoochie-coochie dancer, so. Retail therapy.

On the plus side, the waffle currently cooking as she started up the coffee machine smelled delicious. On the not so plus side, it'd be nice if she could stop humming, "It's raining eels, hallelujah, it's raining eels, for real..."

[For the roomie(s). Or anybody else who wants a waffle.]
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2014-06-02 11:29 am

43 Unicorn, Monday Morning...ish

When you stumble home from a weekend booty social call in Wales via portal at Godonlyknowswhat o'Clock in the morning (sadly without a stop at your office on the way), you're a little less likely to notice a stranger crashed on your couch than you are when you stumble back downstairs after a few hours of sleep.

And a brief tiptoe around the corner to grab the nearest blunt object.

"If you're somebody I know who suddenly sprouted a penis today, tell me now so we can save us both the concussion and the awkwardness," Bo said, gripping her baseball bat firmly.

Said the woman who saw nothing awkward in wielding a baseball bat while wearing a negligee and a pair of red fuzzy Angry Birds house slippers.

[OOC: for the housemates!]
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2014-05-15 03:25 pm
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Fandom High Security Center, Thursday

"Oh God, what fresh hell is this?"

You'd think Bo was watching the security feeds, given, you know, Fandom, but no. She'd just logged into her NotaBlog account. Shellac Error, refresh, Top Coat Error, refresh, Out of Cheese Error, refre-- SURPRISE! Whole new site design!

"What. The. Frak."

Sure, she only used the thing to follow the Angelica Demesnes anonmeme anymore, but seriously? Where were the shortcuts? Where was the header? Why was there a goat in a gimp suit on the sidebar? Despite every instinct in the world screaming at her not to click...


"Oh, that's just wrong. Why would you do that?"

So yeah, anyone passing by probably still thought she was watching the security feeds. Because Fandom.

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2013-09-04 12:43 pm
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The Isle of IKEA, Wednesday Evening

"I'm not sure how I feel about buying furniture with names," Bo said thoughtfully. "I mean, around here? What if Ivan doesn't like Sven and we spend the next year listening to the couch beating up on the coffee table in the middle of the night?"

Potential Twitter tag for this adventure: #fandomislandproblems

[OOC: for the new roomie!]
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2013-07-25 07:47 pm

Fandom High Security Center, Thursday, July 25

Most people who invited friends over for breakfast invited those friends to their home, not their office. Then again, most people who invited their friends to their home for breakfast

a) had a kitchen
b) had friends who don't effectively live next door to their office
c) were most people, which Bo was not. Hell, the jury was still out on whether Bo was even people.

All of which added up to a security office full of J,GoB doughnuts, Perk coffee, and orange juice that was not a pitcher of mimosas and would never be, no matter how much someone with an unpronounceable Russian last name might bitch wish otherwise.

It also added up to a crapload of leftover doughnuts, coffee, and still-not-mimosas once those friends were no longer in residence, because somebody was so not used to doing breakfast for more than two, and had way overcompensated.

[OOC: First thread is for breakfast with the Canuckian travelers, second is open office hours!]
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2013-07-17 07:52 pm

The Dal Riata Waystation and Pub, Mumblemumble, Canada

For all that the outside of Trick's beloved Dal Riata looked like just another entrance down Bad Decision Alley, the inside was warm and comforting, with wood that polished until it glowed and comfortable stools and chairs that had been worn down by years of patrons.

It was the perfect place to relax and unwind, whether with a beer after a long, hard day. Light Fae and Dark could mingle and rub elbows without exchanging more than dirty looks or fanged glares. The Dal was a Waystation: a neutral, Fae-only pub, where they were free from the need to mask their true nature.

It was still a little bit before the dinner rush, which meant the bar itself was more empty than not. Which, considering the group about to enter the Dal, was probably for the best.

You're sure this is the right address? )
Later... )

[Preplayed with the splendiferous [ profile] regretiz4suckas, [ profile] godgavemecable, [ profile] chose_humanity and [ profile] glacial_witch. NFB since off-island, but OOC=A-OK! Dyson and Trick's conversation folded, spindled, and mutilated from Lost Girl 1x01, It's A Fae Fae Fae Fae World.]
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2013-06-20 03:02 pm

Fandom High Security Office: Thursday, June 20

Bo leaned back in her chair, boots propped on the desk, oddly wistful that her office was devoid of rubber ducks, balloons, body-part-shaped-pastries and provocatively-dressed beanie-babies this week.

Which is to say, devoid of any new rubber ducks, balloons, body-part-shaped-pastries or provocatively-dressed beanie-babies; she wasn't counting the ones that had already been there. They were too familiar to provide much distraction from the round of circular thinking she'd been caught in for the past few days.

Sometime in the future I'll know about my past. Might. Sometime in the future I might know about my past. I've got family somewhere. If I can find them...

If she could find them, she could find out why she'd lost them. Then again, maybe why they didn't want her was something she didn't want to know.

In conclusion, where was an office full of crossdressing inflatable glow in the dark Wookiee dolls when you needed them?

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2013-05-08 11:29 am

Fandom High Security Office, Wednesday, May 8th

No students in the halls, no likelihood of trouble, perfect day to catch up on the paperwork bits of Bo's alcohol-free job, right?

Why she'd expected to find her office unmolested at all, let alone after Kenzi's graduation, Bo had no idea, but she still ended up standing in the doorway staring like a dope for a bit.

It didn't help that the second she opened the door, she was hit in the face by an unfortunately-shaped balloon arrow, launched across the room from a carefully-rigged and really kind of impressive balloon bow.

Balloon swords dangled from the ceiling. Balloon... she guessed they were supposed to be land-mines...littered the floor.

Her stuffed mountie moose sat on a filing cabinet armed with a balloon M-16, which Bo though was a little excessive for the RCMP until she tracked across to his target: the giant rubber duck sitting in her chair.

Wearing a postman's cap and wielding what she really really hoped was supposed to be a cannon.

"And here I was afraid it was gonna be a boring day at the office."

[Open; decoration-modding and duck-larceny performed with multiple blessings.]
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2013-04-15 04:05 pm

Fandom High Security Office, Monday, April 15

If earlier shenanigans hadn't prepared Bo to expect more office redecoration, the index card she'd pulled off Fosse's closet door that read BO'S OTHER BOYFRIEND in purple crayon would have.

All told, though? Security feeds labeled KENZI HALL, PARTY CENTRAL, ARIETTY'S PLACE KEEP OUT THIS MEANS YOU, PETRAWORLD, and PRINCESS GRACE'S ROYAL THRONE ROOM (camera re-aimed toward the second floor girls' bathroom door) were way better than the rooms she'd been limited to last week.

It wasn't the heads of her enemies, but as interior decor went, rainbow streamers, unicorn stickers, and something that looked like the siege of the Alamo recreated across her desk with an army of dinosaur-riding plastic cowboys vs. an army of pony-riding plastic astronauts were way less likely to get her fired in the event of a sudden school board visit, as well.

[OOC: Open, and suggestions for redecoration via bored sugar-hyped urchins (and Grace) provided largely by the bored sugar-hyped urchin in question.]